QGreenland Beta Package

Community input is critical for creating a valuable, usable QGreenland tool. We've created this QGreenland beta package to facilitate developer-user dialogue. 

Download & Explore:

  • Ensure that you have QGIS version 3.10 or later installed on your computer. 
  • Download the QGreenland beta package: qgreenland.apps.nsidc.org/latest. Also sign up for the newsletter to be sure to stay up to date on future resources.
  • After downloading, unzip and save the folder in a location of your choice.
  • Open the folder and open the 'qgreenland.qgs' file to open QGreenland. QGIS will open automatically and display the QGreenland data environment. A few data files have already been included in the package. Headings for other suggested data categories also appear, but do not yet include data.

Provide Comment to Improve QGreenland:

  • Submit your comments via email or online form.
  • Consider these questions:
    • What data categories would you like included?
    • What specific data sets would be useful?
    • How should we determine the boundaries for spatial extent?
    • Was the package easy to download and open?
    • What resources will make it easy for you to use QGreenland in the future?
  • Thank you! Community input is vital for QGreenland development.

QGreenland is Open Source

QGreenland development is open source and available on Github: github.com/nsidc/qgreenland. What does this mean for you?

  • Advanced users can use this open source information to create your own QGreenland package. This could include different styles and new layers, including your own new data.
  • Follow along with development of QGreenland and suggest improvements along the way.
QGreenland Beta Environment