About QGreenland

Greenland-focused research, planning, and education crosses disciplinary boundaries. With QGreenland, researchers, decision makers, educators, and communities will be able to use expert-curated geospatial data to explore Greenland. We aim to have QGreenland 1.0 available for use and download in late 2020. To test out a beta version and comment on QGreenland development, check out the Explore page.


QGreenland will offer:

  • an interdisciplinary QGIS map environment for discovery and communication
  • a freely-redistributable, offline-capable package of curated original-quality data
  • consistent, professionally-styled, and responsive basemap data
  • free and open scientific data
  • all of the benefits of working on the QGIS platform, including production-quality map and figure design tools

Through an International Editorial Board, diverse Project Collaborators, in-person and online workshops and trainings, and a future online community space, QGreenland is designed to serve a broad user group while focusing on the needs of scientific researchers.

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