About QGreenland

Project Summary

Greenland-focused research, planning, and education crosses disciplinary boundaries. With QGreenland, a free data-viewing platform, anyone can explore a wide variety of Greenland-focused data identified by an expert team and Editorial Board

QGreenland is delivered in two ways:

  1. QGreenland Core: a large zip package containing a core set of data curated to serve the majority of users. QGreenland Core has its own documentation.

  2. QGreenland Custom (beta): a QGIS plugin for downloading a custom set of data, including data which is not part of the QGreenland Core zip package (for example, due to file size constraints). QGreenland Custom has its own documentation.

QGreenland is a United States National Science Foundation EarthCube-funded effort (award #1928393). Project development began in 2019, led by the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which is a part of the University of Colorado Boulder Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. The project is made possible through the generous efforts of a wide range of collaborators.

The QGreenland Team believes in open and accessible resources. QGreenland is built using free and open software, with development tools and workflows fully documented on our Github site. We also believe in FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reproducible) data and strive to include clear information about original data sources and complete metadata. To the best of our ability, we aim to include data that are already free and publicly archived.

As QGreenland development continues, we will be expanding our educational resources, increasing optional data download options, and working to be as responsive as possible to user feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

Citing QGreenland

We request that QGreenland be cited or acknowledged when publishing content made from or using QGreenland. 

Current citation (v2.0):

Moon, T., Fisher, M., Harden, L., Simonoko, H., and T. Stafford (2022). QGreenland (v2.0.0) [software]. Available from https://qgreenland.org. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6369184.

Previous citation (v1.0):

Moon, T., M. Fisher, L. Harden, & T. Stafford (2021). QGreenland (v1.0.2) [software]. Available from https://qgreenland.org. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4558266.

Acknowledgement: We acknowledge the National Snow and Ice Data Center QGreenland package.

QGreenland Environment


Open Source Software

QGreenland development is made possible not only through contributions from our collaborators and team, but also through the use of open source software. We want to acknowledge the important work of developing these vital open source software resources. If your project is not listed below but is included in our environment-lock.yml file, thank you for your important work!

Logo and Inspiration

Thank you to George Roth for designing the QGreenland logo. George also championed the idea of QGreenland after playing a central role in the development of Quantartica, and this project would not have come to fruition without his insights and energy.