QGreenland beta package is ready for testing

Planning, research, teaching, exploration. QGreenland is meant to serve all of these needs. But serving a diverse group of users requires community input and engagement. The QGreenland development team aims to make that easy. After several months of developing the foundational software to create the QGreenland style data packages, we have finalized the first QGreenland beta package. While the first version 1 public package is not slated for release until fall 2020, we would like to engage the community now in exploring, evaluating, breaking(!), and improving QGreenland. How to explore the QGreenland data package

  1. Make sure that you have QGIS 3.10 (or later) installed on your computer.
    Download QGIS
  2. Download QGreenland Beta Package
  3. Because this is not the public version 1 package, the download is password protected. You can access the download using username: guest and password: QGRrules.
  4. Open the QGreenland_v0.18.0.zip file to unpack the qgreenland folder.
  5. Open the folder and click on the qgreenland.qgs file to open the QGreenland environment in QGIS.

Note that the downloaded folder also contains the directories with the QGreenland source data.

Since QGreenland works on the QGIS platform, all of the QGIS functionality is also still available. Test out adding your own data, combining data from different layers for exploration, or making visuals to a talk or paper.

Provide your comments to help create QGreenland

Once you’ve downloaded and explored the QGreenland beta package, we want to hear from you! What are your ideas for how to improve the platform, fill in the data content, and create a more user-friendly QGreenland tool? What worked well for you? What ideas do you have for future development? Sharing your experience downloading and using QGreenland beta will help us create a package that fits your needs, and serves scientists, planners, communities, and educators. We are excited to hear from you.

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