I'm getting errors while opening Qgreenland. What do I do?

​​​If you are using the command line to open QGIS and qgreenland.qgs, and you get an error in QGIS that qgreenland.qgs was unable to be opened, make sure you are referring to the file in it’s correct location in your command. For example, if you have saved qgreenland.qgs in your home directory, you can use the command qgis ~/qgreenland.qgs. Otherwise, you will need to specify the correct filepath like so: qgis filepath/qgreenland.qgs

  • Make sure you have qgreenland.qgs saved somewhere on your machine that is easy to navigate to. If you would like to move your qgreenland.qgs file to somewhere else, you can use this command on the command line to move a file: mv old_filepath/qgreenland.qgs new_filepath/qgreenland.qgs, filling in your applicable filepaths

If you get another type of error while opening qgreenland.qgs, your version of QGIS could be incompatible with Qgreenland. Please make sure that you have downloaded QGIS version 3.16 or greater.

For all other errors, visit our troubleshooting doc for help.