Introduction to Glacial Change in Greenland

Curriculum by Mary-Helen Armour, York University

In this activity, students will observe and measure the advance and retreat of glaciers in Greenland to see how glaciers change over time. By comparing glaciers in different locations, students will begin to see trends emerge in how changes are distributed and how glaciers are affected by climate change.

Learning Goals and Outcomes 
Students will... 

  • Measure the change in position of the glacier terminus over time
  • Compare the change in position of the terminus of 2 or more glaciers 
Resource Type
Course Type
Introductory Undergraduate

This activity can be used in a lesson about glaciers and/or climate change for introductory students with no geology and GIS background. 

Teaching Materials

Glacial Change Instructor Guide (Google Doc)

Glacial Change Student Materials (Google Doc)

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