More Data

Custom QGreenland Resources

  • Arctic Data Center QGreenland Portal: Explore all of the Greenland-focused geospatial data archived at the National Science Foundation Arctic Data Center. The collection includes more than 600 datasets!
  • 32-meter resolution ArcticDEM (digital elevation model): The Polar Geospatial Center provides a custom Greenland 32-m resolution ArcticDEM for users of QGreenland. Two donwload packages are provided for the v4.1 ArcticDEM:

    • A ~4.1GB package containing only the 32-m resolution DEM.
    • A ~9.5GB package containing the 32-m resolution DEM and ancillary datasets (e.g., a "count" dataset giving the number of contributing DEMs for each pixel).

    Download one of these add-on packages and place it in a suitable location on your file system. Unzip the package and then follow the directions in the README.txt file included.

Additional Resources

  • DataONE: Search for Greenland data on a network of federated data repositories. 
  • NunaGIS: The Greenland government geospatial data hub, which includes several data portals and a wide range of resources for diverse users. The Greenland National Strategy for Geodata (2018-2021) provides additional information.  
  • PISUNA-net: A local observations database developed to record, archive, and share indigenous and local knowledge and expertise on natural resources and resource use along Greenland northern and western coasts.
  • Pikialasorsuaq Atlas: An online atlas to explore data for Pikialasorsuaq (the North Water Polyna or, in Greenlandic, the Great Upwelling), and important region around northwestern Greenland and northeastern Arctic Canada. The atlas provides indigenous knowledge and western scientific knowledge. 
  • Quantarctica: If you are interested in Antarctica, Quantartica provides a QGIS environment for Antarctica, created by the Norwegian Polar Institute. Quantarctica inspired the creation of QGreenland!